Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Chocolate Polkadots...a blog of creativity, family, fun parties, and art! I love creative planning and dreaming up ideas to make parties a fun way to celebrate. I think celebrations are a wonderful way to remind ourselves how important life is! I also love to create unique wall art and customize it to match your decor!

This is my first blog post I don't really have anything profound to say...yet! :) I plan to post pictures of my parties...and pictures of my art. Maybe it will inspire others to think outside the lines of plain white walls and splash color all over!

I'm a colorful, paint and fabric obsessed mom who loves to create! I love to create clothes for my kids (although only 1 is still young enough to want me to make her creative clothes), and I love to create colorful ideas for walls. :) I'm a wife to an incredible husband and 3 awesome kids! I'm a planner and dreamer and make whatever inspires me at the moment! My husband and kids are my biggest support and a great inspiration in my life and my new business! Chocolate Polkadots is my creative outlet, my guilty pleasure, and my sense of accomplishment!

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