Sunday, March 27, 2011


Congratulations to Steffani White !! She was the 1st place winner in the contest last week!! She wins a custom painting!! Congratulations to Kayla Matheny on winning 2nd place!! She gets to choose a free custom 16x20 size painting!!! Thank you so much girls on all of your referrals to the fan page!!! :)

Today (Sunday), Monday and Tuesday ONLY - I am offering FREE SHIPPING on any orders placed for the custom hand painted letters! Check out my etsy shop... for different samples of letters. They can be created in any style and any color!! For more pictures ...check out my facebook page Chocolate Polkadots! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Come join our contest on facebook!!

I'm having a contest over on my facebook page ... Come check it out!! Get your friends to come "like" my page...and comment that you sent them! The person with the most friends who commented will win a piece of Chocolate Polkadots Artwork!!! :)

Here are some designs I finished yesterday..for sweet Gunnar! This is his striped bedding...LOVE!

This piece is a 24x30 size..will look great on his wall!

Lil' Buckaroo...I'm loving this piece..but then I do like contrasting patterns! :)

His letters to match! I haven't added the brown ribbon yet...oops! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

House Project Trim Question!!

We are gutting a house that was built in 1912. We are gutting it down to the studs. I have a dilemma. :) I LOVE LOVE white trim around windows..floors and ceilings. My hubby doesn't want to ruin the look of this dark wood that surrounds the pillars. Any opinions out there in blog world on if I can paint all the trim white and leave the pillar section stained like it is?

The white wall in the picture will be coming down. I plan to have chocolate brown walls for the living room which is the first picture. And golden yellow walls for the dining room (the room with the lovely flower wallpaper.