Sunday, September 26, 2010

Damask Chandeliers

I just finished these multi colored chandeliers. Aren't they fun? I love how they are so random and whimsical splashed with the damask border. This one took forever to paint!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another girlie wall art!

I finished another girlie piece of art yesterday. This one is inspired by Marie Antoinette's famous Let them eat cake saying. Although I just found out she didn't really say that phrase.. but no one knows who she gets the credit! LOL This one was fun to do and I LOVE painting cakes and cupcakes. Paired with a damask becomes so whimsical and fun!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Christmas Art!

I just created a few new pieces this week! The whimsical cupcake castle is so fun! I want to live there! LOL :) The other piece is a personalized art piece for Christmas. It would look perfect over a fireplace mantle! Or hung on the front door! I am going to have to paint one for myself! :) I am planning on doing it in different Christmas colors. Maybe jewel tones? Maybe light blue, white and silver! Hmmmm still thinking!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Newest Art Designs

I finished 3 more designs last night! I am still trying to get more of my art uploaded onto my blog. But for now, here are a few! :) I am very excited to be in the Covered Bridge Festival in October, so I have LOTS of painting to do before then!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hubby's 40th CIRQUE DE HUTTS PARTY part 2

After Jeff and his friends came back from their Old Man day - we started the party! Played 40's music since he is 40, had a kissing booth, games: Milk Can Toss, Goldfish Toss, Can Throw, CornHole, plus others! 4 of Jeff's friends sang in a Barber Shop Quartet! We had a slide show presentation of his life...childhood...marriage...adorable kiddos! Our daughter Ashlyn was the Balloon lady, and our youngest (Katelyn) was in charge of the vintage ice cream cart. :) The photo booth was so much fun! My sis in law had a phone app that made the pictures upload on Jeff's facebook page in the photo booth strip format! So awesome! My sister Krista made the 2 cakes...she did a fabulous job!! Kori from Paper and Pigtails ( made the printables! LOVED THEM! She is so talented!!!

I tried to write everyone I know and have them take a picture of themselves holding a sign saying, "We love Jeff" and send it to me! I printed them out and hung them in a banner across the tent! He loved it!!

Hubby's 40th bday CIRQUE DE HUTTS

Saturday was my husband's 40th birthday party! I was trying to find a unique theme...and went with a vintage circus theme ....CIRQUE DE HUTTS! His nickname growing up was Hutts (Our last name is Huttegger). So it fit perfectly! You can turn 40 and still have fun! :) My father in law helped me build lots of props! It took lots of time but turned out awesome! I had some of his close friends come over that morning and take him out for an "Old Man Day" - they dressed vintage and looked like "old men"! LOL They went to Bob Evans for their Old Man breakfast, played disc golf and messed around with his nephews new car! He was a bit skeptical at first, but afterwards thanked me for such an awesome time with his friends! :) His friend in this picture got sick at the last minute and couldn't come. But he sent a picture of himself in his "Hot Old Man Outfit"!!! :)

Everyone in the restaurant was looking at them! LOL Too funny! They thought they were Blue's band!

At Bob Evans, they found an 85 year old man named Bill. He had his name embroidered on his shirt! He posed for a picture with them!

Here is Jeff and his best friend from childhood, Steve!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ashlyn's 15th bday Retro Ice Cream Bar

Last month, for my daughter's 15th birthday, we decided to throw a vintage Ice Cream Bar themed party! She got the perfect vintage dress, and asked her friends to come dressed vintage also! A few of them did! She had a great time! We made the cake stands, cake pops shaped into ice cream cones, and the mini bundt cakes! I looked all over for those bundt cake pans...finally found them! My friend Kori with PaperandPigtails created the fun sign for the table and the topping labels. Please ignore the whipped topping container staring at you! LOL I can't believe I forgot to cover the container. UGH!!