Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have been so excited about planning my daughter, Katelyn's 11th birthday party! We wanted to do a combination of Alice in Wonderland and Winter Wonderland. So we called it Katelyn In Wonderland! She had so much fun with her friends! My niece, Taylor, dressed up as Alice in a winter dress and my oldest daughter, Ashlyn, dressed up in her halloween costume as the Mad Hatter! :) I had been thinking up all of this stuff for several months and writing things down...but then I got sick with pneumonia and it all got put on hold! I got better the week before the party and pulled it off in 1 week!!!! LOL I didn't get some things done - but that's life! :)

Jessica from Pen and Paper Flowers ( created the printables for me and she did AMAZING!!!!!!!! I LOVED THEM! They were so perfect!!!!

I didn't have much time to get the invites out before the my daughter Ashlyn (the Mad Hatter) played around on the computer and created this invitation! I thought she did an incredible job!! Thank you Ashlyn!! :)

I loved it that one of Kate's friends dressed up as the Queen of Hearts!
The tablescape...

I made the cake stands and centerpieces...aren't they fun? The gingerbread men in the background...made from cardboard and have accents painted on. They have glitter all over them but you can't see them in the pictures. :(
Hard to tell in this picture...but Katelyn is wearing a top hat headband! She was quite adorable! :)
The dessert table....very whimsical and wintery! :) The sign says Winter Frolic..glittery blue letters!
Chocolate covered marshmallows...and yummy cake pops! I made the cake pops in the shape of tree trunks and mushrooms to match the Alice in Wonderland theme! Chocolate dipped Oreos - they had Andes Peppermints on top. Mmmmm!
Real chocolate covered candy canes with sprinkes...but fake chocolate covered strawberries! :)

The keys laying around the tables and attached to the of my favorite parts! The wax bottles had a sign on it that said "Drink Me" but the picture with it turned out blurry. :(

Ashlyn and Alice and the Mad Hatter! All the girls got their picture taken with them!

Kate's friend came as the Queen of Hearts and her flamingo purse was perfect!!
I found these Alice printables online and stuck them in jars of cards! Jessica from Pen and Paper Flowers made the little Eat Me and Drink Me signs...totally made the table!!! THANK YOU JESSICA!!!!

Again - had trouble with the lighting - but had to include the photos! The punch and hot cocoa had tags that read Pour Me!
I made the centerpieces out of random fabric flowers. Some of them had the Alice printables stuck in them! So fun!!! Here's another close up of the Drink Me..Eat Me printables that Jessica made. She made some extra tags with teapots and teacups that I attached to the silverware. Cute!

The girls made the little caterpillar from the Alice movie... Absalom.
The girls had so much we have to start planning ideas for next years party! LOL